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Steps for submitting a request in ExpertusONE Mantis Queue

  1. Check ExpertusONE Product Queue for existence of related tickets
    • If exists don't create any duplicate tickets
    • If you don't find any duplicate, create a new ticket
  2. Creating a new ticket in the ExpertusONE Product queue
    • Provide information that is necessary for Product team to review and respond to the ticket
    • Ticket should have detailed explanation of the issue, related snapshot , in case of content issues attach the content to the ticket.
    • In case the request has been raised by a Customer, the Customer's name should attached as a Tag with the ticket. All Customer names are available in the Tags.
    • Set the priority and severity for the ticket. While setting the priority and severity, provide a valid business case in case its a feature request. If it is an issue, mention the impact of the issue in detail before setting the priority and severity. Do not tag all tickets as high priority and high severity.
    • If it’s a request for a new feature, provide business case to it
    • Provide details of who has asked for the tickets being file(Customer(s) details, RFP etc.)
    • If it is a customer reported feature/enhancement then add the customer name as a tag.
    • If it is a customer reported issues then add the customer name and “Customer Issues” tag to the ticket
  3. Fields to select during ticket submission (refer below image)
    • Select relevant 'Category'
    • Specify 'Reproducibility'- set this to 'N/A' if you are requesting for a feature
    • Set the values for Severity & Priority
    • Specify the Product Version in which issue is reported
    • Set the 'Status' as New
    • Leave 'Assigned To' field blank
    • Leave 'Target Version' field blank
    • Provide Summary
    • Provide Description
    • Provide Business Case under 'Additional Info' field (if relevant)
    • Provide 'Steps to Reproduce' if its a product bug

Dos and Don'ts

  1. Do not assign tickets to developers directly. Leave the created ticket in new status.
  2. If an update is needed, post a note no separate email needed
  3. Don't bundle multiple requests into single ticket
  4. Don't attach documents with Issues description in the attached document
  5. Set the Priority to 'Urgent' only when its business impact or a critical feature is broken in a Product environment /* if it is urgent, provide business justification */
  6. Do not attach multiple content to a ticket. Each content should which has an issue should be created as a separate ticket.
  7. All communications related to ticket should happen within mantis only, no outside communication
  8. Customer specific issues should be first analyzed(technical) by the implementation/support team and a write-up created and if there is an issue with the product code, then the ticket should be moved to the product queue.
  9. Clarifications should be discussed in the ExpertusONE group and not raised as tickets.
  10. Do not provide steps/workflow on how the requirement needs to be accomplished, the Engineering team will do its analysis and build the requirement.

How to request a new feature for ExpertusONE?

  • For any new feature create a mantis ticket with the following details:
    • Provide a clear statement of the feature being requested
    • Provide a use case on how that feature would be used and how the user would benefit
    • Provide a business case (revenue/potential revenue/feature parity/etc) and include customer name(s)
    • Set the Severity as “feature”

How to provide Feedback / Suggestion / Discussion for ExpertusONE?

  • A Google group will be setup where users can post their feedback/suggestions/clarifications/questions
  • Managers will interact with others on the forum
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