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Product Release Management


  • To ensure Expertus Product and Solutions are validated through iDev, QA and UAT cycle prior to implementation in production.
  • To implement Expertus Product and Solutions on production (live) environment successfully
  • To improve transparency in software build, configuration management, release and deployment practices for expertus product and solution provisions.

Release Management Policy

  • Release Management team is responsible for building Product Release snapshots and ensure successful deployment at iDev, QA, UAT and Production instances.
  • Each Release is identified by standard release identification naming pattern which includes product code, version number.
  • The product version format is a.b.c.d
    • a –> major version number, revised for major product changes,
    • b –> minor version number, revised for marking monthly or considerable feature changes.
    • c –> weekly build number, revised for every fresh weekly build iterations.
    • d –> patch build number, revised for patch over existing weekly build.
  • Eg:-
    • v3.0.1.0 - means weekly build.
    • v3.0.1.1 - means patch over v3.0.1.0
  • Each Release baseline is labeled by Release Management (RM) as per the Release Identification pattern.
  • Product release is validated on QA environment before pushing to Staging/Demo/POC/UAT/Production environment.
  • Product Release deliverables shall have release info, installation notes, version file and software components.
  • Product Release deliverables are shipped to ftp location for Demo/UAT/Production updates.
    • /Release/yyyymmdd_<Release-ID>
    • Eg:- /Release/20110103_EXPERTUSONE_V3.0.1.0
  • For planned release, the Demo/UAT/Production buffer is 3 days so that QA feedback can be resolved.
  • Development cut off at 4:00PM IST (Internal reference) for each release build pushed to QA team.


System Environment Tools

  1. Product Deployment Environments
    • Hosting System Hardware configuration: Typical Server class hardware
    • Hosting System OS: RedHat Linux, CentOS Linux, Windows Server.
    • Web Server Tools configuration: Apache 2.2.18, PHP 5.3.5
    • Database Server Tool:MySQL 5.5.8
  2. Product Client Environments
    • Web Browsers: IE7, IE8, FF12

:-P For Any Queries, Contact Release Management Group

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