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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How are the services defined in ExpertusONE?

The services are maintained as “WSDL” (Web services definition language). The WSDL can be queried by invoking specific URLs.

2. What is Service Registry?

Service registry is a map which maintains the list of source system against a specific business function. For example, the “Search Service” can go against Learning Management System, Content Management System or any other enterprise systems. When a search request is received, the service registry is referred for the list of source systems where the information should be queried.

3.What are the various levels of security offered in the solution?

Our solution offer end to end security. Meaning security will be provided at every layer and components. Some the security features provided by our solution are

  • Transport layer security by using SSL
  • Message layer security by using Encryption mechanism. i.e. both request and response messages will be encrypted.
  • Authentication & Authorization mechanism for every service. i.e. Before processing each request we make sure that the request has been originated from a legitimate client and he is also authorized and having necessary permissions to leverage the service.

4.What is the Security model behind ExpertusONE?

ExpertusONE uses “profile based security model”. Privileges to objects in the ExpertusONE are assigned to a specific user profile. Individual users can be assigned a specific profile or multiple profiles. ExpertusONE allows the System Administrator to define a profile and define privileges and users to it.

5.Is it possible to allow multiple versions of ExpertusONE in a Single server?

Yes, it is possible to run multiple versions of the ExpertusONE in a single server. The architecture of the ExpertusONE allows multiple sites to coexist through inheritance. All the sites derive the basic properties from a default site. This allows Site specific customizations with a guaranteed default behavior. The administrator can create individual sites based on specific business need. For example, specific sites can be rolled out based on audience groups.

6.What does it take to change the look and feel of the ExpertusONE?

ExpertusONE is a template driven User interface. The screen real estate is split in to multiple blocks and assembled by the template engine during rendering. This allows greater flexibility to

  • Define blocks of content specific to a business need.
  • Enable and disable the blocks.
  • Control access to specific blocks based on privileges.

The System Administrator user interface in the ExpertusONE allows the Administrator to control the blocks and themes without programming effort.

The look and feel in terms of color and fonts is driven by Cascading Style Sheets technology. By changing the CSS for a specific theme, the look and feel can easily be changed.

7.Where does Content Aggregation happen?

Content aggregation happens at both the Server side and the Client (Browser) side. Predominantly the aggregation is done at the server side.

8.Does the search engine work across multiple languages?

Yes, the content is stored as multi byte string in the Database with the corresponding UTF representation. This ensures that the search is agnostic to the language and works based on UTF representation.

9.What is the technology behind ExpertusONE?

ExpertusONE is based on the “LAMP (Linux, Apache, MYSQL and PHP) architecture”, the versions are as given below.

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